Choose how you want to compete!




    Contestants may compete in a LIVE pageant for the country

    in which they live, work, own property, or attend school.

    Contestants may compete for their heritage title at any LIVE

    National pageant as long as the title is available. Contact the

    director for more information about title availability.

    Contestants may compete in a Virtual National Pageant if

    they cannot attend a LIVE pageant or, if a LIVE pageant

    is not offered for their country, they may apply for an

    Appointed Heritage or Country title.

    At every pageant we offer the world's largest Super Optional

    Competition.   Look for more information at the bottom of

    this page.


If you cannot compete in one of our LIVE National Pageants but you would like to be considered for an appointed National title or a Heritage title, click on the links below for more information.

International Royalty



Select a LIVE National Pageant below

If your country or heritage is not listed below but you would like to have it added to one of our LIVE National Pageants, please email our office at  We are happy to see what is available.

At our LIVE national pageants, we offer the world's largest Super Stars Optionals Competitions with over 100 competitions to choose from. The categories include Talent, Model, Artisan, Creative Writer, and Personality of the Year with a chance to win many great prizes, including the Supreme and Mega Super Star titles!  All national winners and contestants receive an official invitation to compete in the international competition. 

This program is open to everyone, even if you are not a pageant contestant. The Super Star Competition is not a pageant and does not have a non-compete clause. To learn more about a Super Star Competition near you, click on your country above. 


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