Sample Application


Below is a sample application. When you sign up to compete, you will complete the following application on the webpage for the pageant in which you are competing.

We feel that Personal Interview is the most important part of a competition because it helps to prepare our finalists for real life situations as well as the importance of the job/title they are applying for. It's not just about winning the crown but knowing the responsibilities involved in becoming a national and international queen.

At PURE we are looking for excellent role models who have the desire to wear not just a crown but OUR crown. She should have the ability to market herself as a titleholder and promote the mission of our pageant system while making an impact within her community. All questions asked by a judge will be geared towards a finalist's age division. We understand how important it is to make sure our younger finalists are not overwhelmed by the interview process.

Finalists are asked to complete and submit the Personal Interview Application below and it will be given to our judges on the following topics. This application is due 3 weeks prior to the pageant.

Judges will be assigned to one of the following topics, in random order:

     - Being a Role Model (How can you influence others?)

     - Why Pure (What does the PURE crown mean to you?)

     - Marketing yourself & the Mission of PURE (Are you ready for the job?)

     - #BetheImpact Community Service*

Each finalist will have the opportunity to speak individually with each judge for two minutes. All finalists will stand during the interview process, but if someone has a medical issue and needs to be seated, we will gladly provide a chair. When time is called, the finalist will be asked to turn her back to the judge. This gives the judge time to score the finalist. When prompted by the Timekeeper, the finalist will be asked to move to the next judge.

#BetheImpact Statement

*While our judges will ask questions based on the on-line application submitted by each finalist prior to the pageant, our #BetheImpact judge will ask each finalist to recite her #BetheImpact Statement. This is the only judge in which a short memorized, one-sentence statement is required.

Please use one of the following pink highlighted formats when stating your #BetheImpact statement:

"Making an impact by making sure no one goes hungry by supporting our local food pantries with food drives, I am Amber Miller."

"Doing my best to keep my community clean by participating in our monthly highway clean up, that's how I make an impact. I am Amber Miller."

"Impacting my community by teaching others to be kind through my anti-bullying platform, Kindness Matters. I am Amber Miller."

Contestants should wear her choice of a fashion-forward business outfit.

Personal Interview & Be the Impact

Information & Application