Meet Our International Staff

Our pageant staff is the best in the world! All of our staff VOLUNTEER their time and talent! We would like to honor all of them by recognizing them. When you see one of our staff members, please be sure to thank them! 

John Flynn

International Photographer

Alexis Wothe

Production Staff

Don Wothe

Stage, Sound, & Lighting  Assistant Director

Pam Wothe

Tabulation & Staff

Shirley Miller

Event Coordinator

Jerry Post, Security & Event Coordinator

Kelly Post, Executive 

Director Personal Assistant

Kelsey Post

Assistant Producer

Kenzie Thoen

National and International 

Royalty Coordinator

Melissa Fisher

Event Coordinator

Merchandise Manager

Kim Thoen, Executive

Director Personal Assistant & At-Large State Finalist Director

Gary Thoen

Security and 

Event Coordinator

Richard Fisher

Security and 

Event Coordinator

Addison Fisher

Social Media Manager

Traci Russell

Inspirational Royalty Program Director

Rick Russell

Security & Events Coordinator

Alex Oram

Assistant Producer

Emily Oram