We offer National and International Pageants. All National Queens will compete at the upcoming International Pageant.



 - National titles are awarded at USA Regional National Pageants


 - National Titles  are awarded at National Pageants


 - At-large National Titles can be awarded to those who live, work, attend school, or own property in a country.


 - Contestants may represent their heritage as long as titles are available.

   Heritage Titles are awarded through the approval of the Pure

   International office. Documentation may be required for proof of

   heritage. Contestants living in a country/region where a live pageant is   

   being held or a Heritage Pageant/title is offered must compete in that

   pageant before a national heritage title can be awarded. After that

   pageant is held, if heritage titles are available they may be awarded at  

   the discretion of the Pure International Pageants.

Please visit the Pageants tab above to learn more about what pageants are available in your area.


All national titleholders are required to compete at the upcoming International pageant.  If a titleholder cannot compete, she may pay a withdraw fee of $750 and keep her crown and sash or return her crown and sash and pay a withdraw fee of $500.

Reigning queens may not compete at the same pageant in which they are crowning their successor.  Queens not aging out of their age division may return to compete at the next international pageant by accepting a new appointed title. A contract and fees will apply.

Family, step-family, people living with or engaged to a Director, or children in a Director's care or guardianship may not compete in a PURE pageant.

Not having the funds to compete at the next level is NOT an acceptable excuse for not competing. Contestants should consider the costs of competing before committing to compete at any level. A contestant should make sure they are available for the dates of the international pageant prior to competing in a national pageant. 


Required purchases for a National & International Pageant include two (2) separate purchases:

1.  Sponsorship Fee

2. Opening number outfit, when required

All national titleholders are required to pay a $150 deposit on their  International Finalist Package for the upcoming International pageant when signing their queen's contract and the remaining balance of the package must be paid within 90 days of winning their title or by the deadline date, whichever comes first. All monies received on an account go towards the Contestant Finalist Package before being applied to any other purchases including Super Star Optional Competitions and Best of the Best Competitions. Failure to pay the deposit as well as paying the Contestant Finalist package full price by the deadline given will result in the winner forfeiting her title to the next eligible contestant.


Finaists under the age of 18 may not be married, divorced, been pregnant, or have children.

Finalists in our Miss and older age divisions who are pregnant while competing must sign a non-responsibility form to release PURE, its staff, and affiliates of any and all liabilities. 

Finalists must abide by rules set forth by their director for things like hotel stay requirements, meal purchases, group photo shoots, additional behavioral regulations, appearances, etc.

Finalists with current or pending law convictions may not compete. Contestants who have posed for nude or nearly nude photos may not compete.

All paper work whether signed in person or submitted electronically serve as a legal-binding contract for a contestant that she or her parents/guardians agree to all PURE terms and conditions. A pageant registration is considered a legal biding contract to compete in and pay for a pageant/event's required fees. All titleholders or the parents/guardians of minor titleholders and returning appointed titleholders are required to sign a winner's contract.

All finalists must be born female and compete as a female.

Bad sportsmanship and false representation will result in loss of points or titles at a Director's discretion.

Finalists are responsible for providing their own language interpreters and all expenses associated with the interpreter. 

Finalists who have special needs are responsible for making and paying for all arrangements for meet those needs.  Finalists with special needs must convey those needs to the Director prior to competing. A director may not be able to accommodate all special needs but will do his/her best to do so.

PURE and it's affiliates are not responsible for any and all accidents at any PURE event.

NO refunds of any kind are given at any level of competition for any reason. In the case of an act of God or issues with a venue, or changes in government policies/procedures pertaining to the pageant will be rescheduled with no refunds granted. Health and safety will remain the top priority for all PURE Staff, Directors, Contestants, and Affiliates at all times. If a pageant is rescheduled due to an act of God, issues related to pandemics, or regulations set forth by governing authorities and a finalist cannot compete in the pageant on the new pageant date, her payments will be transferred into the next pageant season or event.  If she cannot attend that event, then her payments will be forfeited. All monies received are non-transferable to another account. If a contestant has a sponsor who has paid fees towards her account and does not compete at the pageant/event in which those fees were intended, the contestant is responsible for paying back the sponsor for the entire sponsorship amount. Keep in mind that a sponsor has the right to seek legal assistance to regain the sponsorship funds from the contestant. 

Failure to pay for required purchases or submissions by deadline dates will result in point deductions for each infraction. Any fees paid on a title or account can not be used to pay any fees on account fines.

No makeup, flippers, wiglets, body/face glitter, or spray tans are permitted for the Princess, Little Miss, and Junior Miss divisions. All other age divisions should consider wearing hair/makeup that is age appropriate.  

Wardrobe worn at anytime to represent PURE should not have plunging necklines, side cut outs, see through, or be super short or revealing. No blue jeans with holes, short shorts or shorts with holes in them, and no strapless tops. Hair & makeup should be done and titleholders should look professional.  If you are not dressed or groomed to fit these standards, please leave your crown and sash in your crown box. Always dress to "make your crown look good."

Pure International Pageants is not a charity organization.  We encourage our finalists to participate in our #BetheImpact365 initiative and create their own platform to make a difference in their communities. Finalists are responsible for any and all funds raised and personally giving that money to their charity. We do not accept funds on behalf of any charities or projects. 

As with any pageant, contestants should consider the mission and vision of a pageant or pageant system before applying to compete. 

No titleholder pages, groups, or accounts may be made by a titleholder. It is a Director's responsibility to make them for you and give you posting privileges. If a titleholder has a previous PURE title page/account or a page/account with a different pageant that is at least one year old, she must make her PURE Director as an Admin during her reign. After a titleholder has completed her reign, she may not turn her PURE page into another title page for another pageant system or pageant.

PURE is not responsible for prizes awarded or not awarded by sponsors. A queen will receive her forthcoming prizes when she has met or exceeded her contractual requirements. When trips are awarded, flights or travel money is not provided, unless it has been specified that it will be.

All images, verbiage, or promotional videos/photography taken on behalf of a finalist, director, event, pageant, or any person associated with PURE remain the sole property of Pure International Pageants and may not be used to promote or represent any other pageant, business, or event without written consent from the Pure International Pageants office. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No one may use, in partial or full, PURE's name, logo, verbiage, slogans, sash titles, promotional materials, images, crowns, awards, or similarities of the aforementioned items as it is a violation of its trademark and/or  copyrights. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law at the violator's expense. Pure crowns and age division winner sashes are personally designed by our Executive Director who owns the design and rights to all. 

A national queen/finalist may not direct for another pageant, be on another pageant's staff, with the exception of one annual charity pageant, or start her own pageant system while holding a PURE title or within one year of resigning her title, having a title removed, or within six months of crowning her successor. International adult queens or parents/guardians of International minor queens may become a Director for PURE during their reign.  Once the time frame has been met and a queen chooses to start her own pageant, her pageant can have no similarities to our pageant system, including but not limited to our pageant name, age division titles, colors, style, logos, sashes, crowns, verbiage, slogans, mission statements, contractual information, websites, and promotional materials. If a contestant is already a pageant director, she may consult her PURE Director to let him/her know about her system/pageant. We allow directors from other systems to compete or director for PURE as long as they understand and abide by the rules/regulations set forth by our pageant and do not recruit PURE finalists or use any of our programs/competitions/information/images/verbiage, etc. 

Contestants may complete their contractual obligations they have with other charity, local, or state titles prior to competing in PURE as long as that title allows them to fulfill their PURE obligations. A National or International title takes precedence over previous titles.

Contestants with no more than one national/international title with another system may compete in a PURE pageant as long as that title allows them to fulfill their PURE obligations. Both title should have equal representation and not swamped out to get credit for appearances and community service with each system.

Once crowned a PURE National or International Queen, titleholders who are financially already committed to competing in other pageants may only choose one additional title to compete for.  Once you've chosen which pageant you want to fulfill your obligation to, you must contact the PURE Director so he/she knows which pageant you will be doing.  Written proof of previously signed contracts and/or finances previously paid to another pageant must be presented to your PURE director PRIOR to competing in our pageant. If you compete in more pageants than what you are allowed to do, you will be asked to resign your title and return all awards received and forthcoming and be required to pay a resignation fee of $750. Completing a reign means competing at the next level when required, completing required appearances and #BeTheImpact Projects, and/or returning to the following year's pageant to assist with the pageant and crown their successor. 

A queen may not promote other pageant systems they do not hold a title in while holding a PURE title. Her PURE pictures, videos, verbiage, or official wardrobe may not be used by other systems/pageants during her reign. Directors of other pageants using current PURE National or International titleholders, including but not limited to pictures or videos of our contestants competing at one of our pageants to promote their pageant without approval of the PURE International Office are subject to a lawsuit and will incur all said legal fees associated with the lawsuit.

Prior to the beginning of the competition, contestants or their parents/guardians are required to submit and sign a Media Release/Non-Responsibility-Medical Release/Good Sportsmanship form. 

All Royalty is required to complete at least one Individual #BeTheImpact Projects and participate in at least one Director managed #BeTheImpact Project throughout her reign, as well as make at least one public event appearance each month of her reign.


A National Queen may compete in up to 2 charity or local pageants that do not lead to anything higher than a state title prior to competing for the international title. Following the international pageant, a National Queen may compete in up to 2 charity or local pageants that do not lead to anything higher than a state title and those pageants allow her to fulfill her PURE National obligations. This rule applies to all newly crowned National Queens, appointed National Queens, Heritage Queens, and returning National Queens.

An International Queen may not compete in no more than 2 charity pageants until she has completed her reign.


Hair & Makeup Artists must register with the pageant in which they are performing services. HMU Artists may be asked to provide gifts or services for winners at a Director's discretion and directions. HMU Artists should contact the Director for requirements and expectations.

The Pure International official website takes precedence over any written forms of documentation, contestant, royalty or Director handbooks, scoring requirements, guidelines, fees, payouts, prizes, regulations, announcements on social media, etc., at all times as sometimes situations change once things have been published and it is our quickest form of communication to those interested or participating in our system.