Personal Interview ~ 30% total

Judges will be assigned to one of the following topics, in random order:

     - Being a Role Model (How can you influence others?) - 10%

     - Why Pure (What does the PURE crown mean to you?) - 10%

     - Promoting Your Title (Are you ready for the job?) - 10%

#BetheImpact Community Service - 30%

     - Be the Impact Project Statement - 10%

     - Be the Impact Project Electronic Submission

     - Be the Impact Personal Interview.

Judges will be looking for someone who can fulfill the obligations and expectations of a titleholder and understands and supports the mission and community service requirements of our pageant system.

Modeling ~ 20%

     -National Pageant Fun Fashion

        -  National Pageants contestants will model Fun Fashion

     - International Pageant National Costume ~ 20%

         -  International Pageant contestants will model a National Costume

            that best represents their region, country, or heritage.

Formal Wear ~ 20% total

Character Points - Up to 10 bonus points

Everyone will receive bonus points unless they have not been active within their community with appearances and their #BetheImpact project, or if they have not been promoting their title and the mission of our system, have not presented themselves in a professional and high moral manner or did not follow the regulations and expectations of a titleholder as listed on our FAQs web page.