An Official International Pageant Qualifier

Join us for our United Kingdom LIVE pageant where contestants get to choose to compete for a new United Kingdom title or a **Heritage title from any country. All winners will compete in the upcoming Pure International Pageant. Contestants who live, work, own property, or attend school in the UK are welcome to compete. 

If you want to represent your **heritage, place that information in the notes section of your registration. If no heritage is listed, you will compete for the United Kingdom Queen and the United Kingdom Sweetheart titles.  

*We are re-introducing our United Kingdom Sweetheart program where one winner in each age division will not be required to compete in the USA. The highest scoring contestant in each age division after all Heritage and United Kingdom Queen titles are awarded will receive the United Kingdom Sweetheart title.

**Heritage titles are based on availability.  If there is more than one person in an age division competing for the same heritage title, the highest scoring contestant will win their heritage title and then the additional contestants competing for the same heritage title would be eligible for the Sweetheart title.







Compete for Model, Artisan, Creative Writer, and Personality of the Year in our International Super Star Optional Competitions. Family members, friends, and finalists can compete in this event held during the LIVE pageant in almost 100 different competition categories! To learn more, click HERE. (LINK COMING SOON!)

(A separate registration account is required to participate in this program.)



January 27 & 28, 2024

Stiwt Theatre
LL14 1RB


Director: Rebecca Cunningham

Phone - 07539943544

Email: UnitedKingdom@pureinternationalpageants.com 

To Register to compete or make a payment, use Event ID:  UK2024 and click HERE.


£30 Super Star Virtual Optional Competitions

£20 Best Fun Fashion

£20 Best Formal Wear

£20 Weekend Guest Admission Ticket

£12 Crowning Day Only Admission Ticket



-£199 Finalist Package

£179 Sibling/Parent Finalist Package

£149 Princess Finalist Package






- Each United Kingdom National Queen and Heritage National Queens 

  will receive the following prizes: 

- $999 International Sponsorship Fee Paid to the 2023 International Pageant

- $250 paid on **hotel room at the international pageant

- Official Pure International Crown, valued at $450

- Official Pure International Rhinestone sash, valued at $250

- Official Regional National Team t-shirt

- Beautiful Custom Award

- Two Guest Admission tickets to the following year's National Pageant

- Featured in National Pageant Campaigns

- Travel opportunities to other pageants as visiting royalty

- Outgoing Royalty Party at next year's National Pageant

- Outgoing Royalty Gift at next year's National Pageant

- Complimentary International Pageant Prep Workshop

- Group Facebook LIVE social media and Personal Branding Training Consultation

- Invitation to participate in a National Royalty Photo Shoot

- Makeup by Addison Gwyn group Facebook LIVE session

- Group Facebook LIVE Proper Etiquette Training Session by 2021

   Pure International Ms., Keri McMillin

- Group Facebook LIVE Personal Interview Training by Ashley Horsley

   Pure International Top Interview Scholarship Sponsor

- Social Media pages to promote your National Queen title

- Finalist Pageant Prep Guide

- Finalist Pageant Fundraising & Sponsorship Guide

- Featured on the Pageant website

- Additional surprise gifts from your National Director

- Invitation to attend a Royal Weekend Getaway

- Invitation to the Pure Family Christmas at the International Office in the USA

- Invitation to participate in the National #Betheimpact365 Team Project

- Eligible for International #Betheimpact365 Scholarships

- Invitation to participate in a Proverbs 31 Queens Spirit Retreat Weekend

- International Cover Model Guide

- International Pageant Handbook

- Official keepsake International Program Book

- Custom designed full-page ad in the keepsake Program Book

- Meal Ticket to the official International Finalist Welcome Party

- Meal Ticket to the Proverbs 31 Mentors Group Derby Luncheon

- Meal Ticket to the Family Celebration Dinner

- Access to over 15,000 International Pageant Week Digital Pictures

- Access to the digital International Pageant Videos

- Admission to the International Pageant Family Empow-HER-ment Festival

- Admission to the International Super Star Optional Competition

- Admission to the International Pageant Paparazzi Red Carpet Event

- Be interviewed on the International Paparazzi Red Carpet

- Autograph & Photo Opportunities with our International Royalty

- Autograph & Photo Opportunities with owners of PURE, The Miller Family

- One free optional for the Super Star Optional Competition

- Special Pre-selected Gift from our Glamour Girl Boutique

- $50 off full Hair & Makeup Services from PURESK for the International Pageant by using

  HMU code:  PURE2024

- Eligible for an International Finalist Top Ten Award

- Eligibility for National Royalty Finalist of the Year at the International Pageant

- Eligibility for Pure International Congeniality

- One Guest Weekly Admission ticket to the International Competition, $99 value

- Each Congeniality winner will receive a custom Miss Congeniality Crown

- Each Congeniality winner will receive a custom Miss Congeniality Sash

- Opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week

- Invitation to participate in a Proverbs 31 Queens Spirit Retreat Weekend in the USA

- Eligible to participate in International #Betheimpact365 Scholarships

- Eligible for over $2,500 in prize drawings during International Pageant week

- Opportunity to earn an International Finalist Referral Awards

- International Teen winner eligible for a $1,000 cash college scholarship sponsored

  by the Proverbs 31 Mentors, our official charity organization

- International Miss winner eligible for a $1,000 cash college scholarship sponsored

  by the Proverbs 31 Mentors, our official charity organization


*All UK and Heritage queens are required to compete at the upcoming International Pageant to receive the prizes listed.  If she cannot compete, she may pay a withdraw fee of $350 US and return her crown and sash to the director/international office.  The title will then be passed on to the next eligible contestant.

**Queens are welcome to share a hotel room and combined their hotel payment prizes.


Pure International Pageants started in 2011 in the USA. It came to the UK in 2019 for its first National competition under the direction of the International Office. The 2020 and the 2021 National Pageant was under the direction of a new UK National Director. All money received for charity in 2020 and 2021 was given directly to the UK National Director and was not associated with the Pure International Office. Pure has NO association with the previous national director or his staff.  If you have questions as to where the money went that they collected for charity, you need to contact local authorities.

As of August 11, 2021, the United Kingdom pageant national director and his partner were removed from the directorship for questionable financial practices, bullying of contestants and royalty, deception, and lies, and the pageant was taken back over by the Pure International Office. The International Office has never required contestants to raise any money for charities however they may do so through their personal #BetheImpact365 projects and submit those funds on their own to their charity of choice. 

Through the restructuring of the United Kingdom National Pageant as of August 11, 2021, the U.K. will now have a group #BetheImpact365 project. Any charity money received through the group project will be donated directly to the organization in which the funds were intended during the LIVE UK pageant followed up with a representative to receive those funds and paper receipts of proof of payment. The Pure International office is not responsible for funds raised for any personal or group projects. 

PURE is not associated with any other pageant. Pure International Pageants owns all copyrights within this website. Any use, whether in partial or full of its name, logo, verbiage, slogans, exact sash titles/styles, promotional material images, crowns/crown designs exact or similar, awards, programs, or similarities of the aforementioned items whether in part or in full is in violation of its trademark and copyrights and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law at the violator's expense.