Empow-HER-ment Empire

Many organizations talk about empowering women, but at PURE we DO something about it!

A pageant should offer young girls and women more than a great experience on a pageant stage.  At PURE, we feel that a person's pageant journey should be personal, yet lifechanging, not only for herself but for the world around her. We do that with our Empow-HER-ment program.

These organizations work simultaneously to help each person learn about themselves while teaching them life-long skills and giving them courage to change the world. Click on each logo below to learn more.

Join us for our Family Empow-HER-ment Festival at our international pageant!  It's an evening of fun for everyone! Our event breaks up into workshop sessions with guest speakers and games or movies.  Contestants and guests come together for family game night and dress up in their favorite wacky-tacky outfits for an opportunity to play "Let's Make a Deal Queen" where you can win one of our many prizes! Over $5,000 in prizes is up for grabs!

Proverbs 31 Mentors focuses on our 19 and older contestants and fan base.  This program supports our Extraordinary Girls while providing college scholarships, philanthropy opportunities, and spiritual services to families in need. This 501(c)3 serves as our International Charity.

Extraordinary Girls focuses on our youth, ages 5 - 18, with great role models and Mentorship Leaders.  Keeping girls engaged in life-long friendships while learning life-long skills will make an impact they never thought possible.

Be The Impact is our community service platform that encourages everyone to make a difference in their own lives, their communities, and the world through acts of kindness and giving. 

Knowing that family is very important, went want to make sure the men in our finalists' lives are included with our "From Boys to Men" program.  This program focuses on building character in young boys and men of all ages.