From Boys to Men



Our program teaches boys and men of all ages how to deal with every day life while teaching them mentorship, compassion, and social skills that will help them not only achieve their goals and dreams, but to exceed them as well.  Our FBTM program will share ideas, tips, and lessons for making every day an empowering day!


Our goal is to help boys and men of all ages embrace the person that God created them to be through kindness, meekness, and humbleness while using leadership and role model skills to empower them in today's society.


Boys to Men Mentorship Leaders will be hosting a family-night event during pageant week for all boys and men attending our event.

"Building Character."

Our Boys to Men Mentorship Program is part of the Pure Empowerment Empire Programs.  Any and all information pertaining to this program is owned and copywritten by Pure International Pageants. 

Get to know our Mentorship Leader

Doug Miller and his wife, Pat, founded Pure International Pageants in 2011.  Since then they have worked together on many projects. Doug is the Pastor of WOW Ministries Church in southern Ohio and has been on many Leadership Councils for various churches for more than 30 years. As the Mentorship Leader for this program, Doug will focus on helping other men to mentor young boys to men and teach them how to become leaders in today's society while embracing good morals and values.  This is a fun and energetic program designed for males who wish to become the man God intends for them to be.