Required Competitions

This is your chance to work the Runway in the outfit of your choice!

Props are allowed as long as it is carried on and off the stage by the finalist and the prop cannot be set down on stage at any time. Props cannot be another person or live animal. Contestants should refrain from using things that may make a mess on stage such as glitter or confetti, etc.

     There are 3 levels of Modeling:  

     - Fun Fashion for the USA State Pageants and National Pageants (other than

       the USA)

     - Parade of States Costume, USA National Pageant Only 

     - Parade of Nations Costume, International Pageant 


Formal Wear

Personal Interview

Finalists should wear a floor-length gown that is age appropriate and reflects their personality.

Young Miss through Classy Ms. finalists are permitted to have a conservative slit in their gown of not more than 3" above the knee. Plunging neck lines, side cut outs, nude areas that show the torso through the gown, or super low open backs are NOT permitted in any age division. V-necks are allowed as long as there is a nude panel in the opening, should it be too low.

Gown color is a personal preference. A specific gown color is not preferred over another.

Rhinestones are allowed on dresses for all age divisions.

Finalists will compete in our Personal Interview Competition and get the chance to speak individually to each judge for two minutes. When time is called, the contestant should get up and stand behind her chair with her back to the judge. This gives the judge time to score the contestant. When prompted by the time keeper, the finalist will move on to the next judge. The number of judges may vary from pageant to pageant.

Contestants should wear her choice of a fashion-forward business outfit.