- Casual Wear Runway

- Denim Dazzle Runway

- Designer Runway

- Fitness Routine

- Formal Wear Runway

- Fresh Face Go See

- High Fashion Runway

- Party Wear Runway

- Photogenic (up to 5 entries allowed)

- Portfolio (up to 2 entries allowed)

- Print Model

- Western Wear


- Mother & Daughter(s) Team

- National Team Party Wear Show

- National Team High Fashion Show

- National Team Theme Wear Show

For examples/links for some of the categories, click on the category title below. 

Clothing guidelines:  No midriffs, super short skirts or shorts; no super low cut tops or high slits in skirts.  All outfits should be age appropriate.


Casual wear is an expression of your every-day style. These outfits should not have a lot of rhinestone work. Think of it as something you would wear to the mall with a group of friends, a concert, or simply to a fun event.


A comp card (also called composite card, Z card, zed card or Sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card.


Contestants can wear their choice a denim clothing item. Feel free to dazzle it as much as you like. Denim items may include jeans, skirts, shirts, or jackets and denim accessories are also permitted to be worn with your accessories.


Formal Wear is a chance to show off your poise and elegance while catching the eye of everyone in the room! Think glamorous and confident! Any color is appropriate. Select a dress that compliments your body, style, age, and personality.


A Fresh Face Go See is a way for clients to get to know their models. A model will need to wear blue jeans, a black tank top, shoes that compliment his/her outfit and bring two headshot photos inside a folder, one with makeup and one without makeup, to the event registration with his/her name, age division, and the words "Fresh Face Go See" on the back of each picture and on the folder, as well. Models will walk the runway for the judges and the judges will have a chance to review the model's two head shots. Models will be selected on his/her photos and her on-stage modeling abilities. Models will be allowed to wear makeup for this event while on stage.


High Fashion Wear allows you to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. Let your creativity flow while modeling the outfit you feel expresses the real you!


Fitness Wear is the only category that requires a routine. You can do exercises and show off your biceps. The routine should not exceed 30 seconds and include fitness moves/routine. Example of fitness moves could be pushups, sit ups, running in place, jumping jacks, etc. Contestants are judged on the routine and energy. This is the only category where a midriff may be shown but must be age appropriate and not sexy. Fitness music must be provided by the contestant and should not have any inappropriate language or references to sex, violence, or political views. Fitness Music should be emailed to your director at least 30 days prior to your event. Be sure to include the contestant's Name, Age Division, Category, and Name of Music you are entering in the Subject Box of your email.

Example: Pat Miller; 19-39 Age Division.; Fitness, Rocky Theme


Wear an outfit that is fun and comfortable for a night out on the town or to just hang out with friends at a dance. Show us your sense of style.


Photogenic should be at least 5" x 7" and no larger than 8.5" x 11"and should be a head shot. No crowns or sashes, please. Photos should be a natural edit. Up to five (5) entries are permitted per contestant. There is a separate entry fee per photo. A contestant's entry must have his/her name, age division, and "Photogenic" printed on the back of each entry and bring it to the event registration. Contestants are judged on the Quality of the Photo Submission and Photogenic Ability.


Portfolio entries should be no larger than 10" X 12" and may be head shots or any style of appropriate poses and show your personality. A Portfolio should have between 5 to 10 photos and should be in a plain bound folder or book. A Portfolio should not be decorated or look like a scrapbook. Portfolio is judged on the Presentation and Quality of Photos. No nude, nearly nude, or bathing suit or inappropriate pictures should be submitted. All pictures should be age appropriate and modest. Up to two (2) portfolios are permitted per contestant. There is a separate entry fee for each portfolio. A contestant's entry must have his/her name, age division, and "Portfolio" printed on the back of each portfolio and print it to the event registration.


Print Models will pose for a photographer for up to 5 minutes and wear an outfit of their choice. Outfit should be age appropriate with no plunging or revealing necklines, no short shorts, and no super high slits. Contestants are judged on Ability to Follow the Photographer's Instruction and Overall Modeling Performance.


Western wear is a clothing style that reflects the 19th century American West.  Think boots, jeans, jean jackets, western shirts, cowgirl hat, leather chaps, leather belts and more. Feel free to bedazzle anything you want to wear.