Personal Interview

Finalists will compete in our Personal Interview Competition and get the chance to speak individually to each judge for two minutes. When time is called, the contestant should get up and stand behind her chair with her back to the judge. This gives the judge time to score the contestant.  When prompted by the time keeper, the finalist will move on to the next judge.  The number of judges may vary from pageant to pageant. 

Each contestant will state her Be The Impact Statement in Personal Interview to one of the judges. It should be no more than 2 sentences.  Here are examples:

"Making sure no one goes hungry by supporting our local food pantries with food drives, that's how I am making an impact.  I am Amber Miller"

"Doing my best to keep my community clean by participating in our monthly highway clean up, that's how I make an impact.  I am Amber Miller"

"I make an impact by teaching others to be kind through my anti-bullying platform, Kindness Matters. I am Amber Miller"

Contestants should wear her choice of a  fashion-forward business outfit.