Heritage titles are only available after all pageants have been concluded in the country or continent in which a contestant is applying to represent. Contestants wishing to represent the heritage of their parents, grandparents, or great grandparents may do so as long as a title is available. Heritage Titles are awarded according to availability and governing regulations. Documentation may be required for proof of heritage. Heritage titles for continents without a Continental Director are assigned by the International pageant office.

Contestants selected as a National Heritage Queen are required to pay their heritage title fee of $249 US within 10 days of being selected.  Failure to pay the heritage title fee will result in a forfeit of the awarded title. 

National Heritage Queens are required to pay at least $100 US towards their International Finalist Package within 30 days of receiving their Heritage title to receive their $250 US credit on their International Finalist Package and must have the International Finalist package in full within 60 days of receiving the title or before the deadline date, whichever is first.