Directorship Application

Become a Director

PURE Directors have the opportunity to INSPIRE others to reach for their own goals and dreams and to LEAD others on their path to ACHIEVE them. This is your chance to create your own home-based business and spend time as a mentor to others! We are a Faith-based organization that prides itself on good moral character for not only our directors but our staff and contestants, as well.

A Director is responsible for recruiting contestants, promoting the pageant system, holding a pageant for the area in which she is assigned, and required to attend the next pageant level with her queens to support and mentor them. All Directors work under the authority of another director.

We have five levels of Directorships:
     -State Director-directs one or two state pageants the USA
     -Regional State Director-directs three or more states in the USA
     -National Director-directs for only one country or Province
     -Regional National Director, directs for two or more countries or Province
     -Continental Director-directs all countries within a continent

How much does it cost to become a director?
A PURE Director does NOT have to pay a Directorship fee or purchase a franchise and they do NOT have to pay a huge fee to send their queens to compete at the next pageant level. They simply purchase our beautiful custom designed crown and sash from our International Office for each of their winners.

Do I have to have previous pageant directorship experience?
NO experience is required!  PURE has a Director's Training Program to assist you. As you grow and learn, you can advance to the next level of directorship, as it comes available or as your upper level Director feels you are ready to move forward.

Can I be a director in an area in which I do not live?
Yes. However, we feel it is best to direct in an area close to where live, if possible. But when that is not an option, we will work with you to find an area in which you may have contacts or may be close to geographically.

Can anyone be a director?
Yes, but according to these guidelines:
     -Directors must be at least 21 years of age.
     -All female directors must be a female, have been born a female, remain a female

      while being a director and conduct themselves as a female.

     -All male directors must be a male, have been born a male, remain a male

      while being a director and conduct themselves as a male.
     -All directors are subject to a state and national background check at

      their own expense and must be of good moral character.

Can I expect to make money as a Director?
While we cannot guarantee that profit is made from a pageant or event, revenue is generated from contestants competing in your pageant and any profit made at your pageant is YOURS to keep!

What expenses am I responsible for? 

Directors are responsible for paying for the venue, promotional materials, crowns, sashes, and other related expenses for a pageant. You can pay for these items from the fees and other monies you collect by holding your pageant. You are responsible for your own taxes for income and expenses.

How much money does it take to get started?
Expenses vary from state to state or from country to country. Please contact the International office to discuss your ideas and to get ideas on money saving strategies and how to invest wisely in your pageant.

How much time do I have to put into my directorship?
Just like with any business, you get out of it what you put into it. Most stay-at-home moms love this business because they can do most of their recruiting and managing of their business on line through social media sites, email, and websites. Those who work outside of the home can also be directors as they can work their business on their own time schedule and can utilize contacts they already have with people they work with or network with on a daily basis.

How much paperwork is involved in being a director?
Ninety nine percent of all paperwork is online. Contestant applications and instructions are completed on the website or through our registration system called Tally Genie. Most people have a social media site or email address. Electronic contact is the best form of communication in this technologically driven world. If you can operate a computer or a smart phone, you will have the tools you'll need right at your fingertips. And with a smart phone, you can conduct your pageant business wherever you go!

Do I have to go somewhere for training?
As the need arises, we will have training opportunities throughout the year so that we may help our directors be the best they can be. We will occasionally have director conference calls to update information and changes within our organization. There is also a private social media page that a lot of training materials are on for you to view at your convenience.

What do I need to do to become a director?

Fill out the application below and submit it. Someone will contact you shortly to speak with you about becoming a director and answer your questions! Upon speaking with you, our staff will determine your eligibility. Anyone applying for a directorship should remember that it takes self-motivation and dedication to the directorship and must take this step very seriously. We want to ensure that all of our contestants have a great experience and that their director will be with them every step of the way!We hope you will join our team and inspire others to be a leader and help them achieve their goals and dreams!