Purpose-Driven Pageantry

UK National Queen, UK National King,

National Heritage Queens &

National Sweetheart Pageant

June 3-5, 2022

United Kingdom 2022

Welcome to the United Kingdom National Pageant!  

We are so excited and can't wait to meet you!  Our website is very informative, so feel free to surf it at any time.  For Information on our age divisions and scoring please visit the Competition Info tab on our website. Required Competitions are listed below, as well as information on how to registe, pay on your account, prize packages, and more.

UK Regional National Executive Director

Matt Trayford


Mobile 07796892463

2022 Pure International United Kingdom & Heritage National Queens
United Kingdom National Queens are required to compete at the 2021 International Pageant.

*2021 Pure International Heritage National Queen 

Contestants not winning a United Kingdom age-division queen title are eligible to for a National Heritage Queen title for a country in which they reside, have duel residence, or have heritage up to a family's 3rd Generation. When registering for the pageant, if you are interested in also being consider for a Heritage title should you not with a UK age-division queen title, please indicate your country (countries) heritage information on your registration form. Each Heritage Queen will compete at the 2021 International Pageant.

2021 Pure International United Kingdom National SweetheartContestants NOT able to attend the International competition in Ohio in the USA, should enter this pageant. 

2021 Pure International United Kingdom King Pageant

We offer age division UK King titles for ages 0-14.

Pure International United Kingdom National Princess
Ages 0-3. Click HERE For more information about the Princess Program.

United Kingdom Charity Service Queen

Our United Kingdom #BeTheImpact Project is the Salvation Army.  Contestants wishing to raise funds may do so and turn in the money at the pageant.  The contestant raising the most money will be crowned the Charity Service Queen. 


*United Kingdom residents may not apply for the Europe Continental titles or for additional heritage titles for countries outside of the UK, regardless of their heritage or place of birth. Only National titleholders who win their title through the UK live pageant may compete at the International pageant.”

Like most major pageant systems, there are no refunds for any reason. 

Pageant Schedule


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Prize Package

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