This is your chance to work the Stage! The outfit for this competition should be high fashion and age appropriate. Each finalist will be given up to 30 seconds to model her outfit on the stage how she wishes. There is no specific modeling pattern. 

Props are allowed as long as it is carried on and off the stage by the finalist and the prop cannot be set down on stage at any time. Props cannot be another person or live animal. Contestants should refrain from using things that may make a mess on stage such as glitter, feathers, or confetti, etc.

Finalists are allowed to show personality in their modeling, but they are not permitted to do any glitz style modeling as well as splits, high kicks, jumps, gymnastics, tumbling, jumping jacks, and etc. This modeling style is natural and high fashion, not glitz.  You may enter this category one time.

Participants in our PURE Princess Program may also compete in this competition.

Super Model