Click on your state below to find a pageant near you!  If there is no live pageant being held in your state, please contact our office to see if you are eligible for a State Awarded title!

We are looking for State Directors all across the USA.  Click HERE for more information or call our office at 740-709-1612.

USA State Pageants

USA State Pageant Calendar


Oct  19        Michigan (some titles still available)

Nov   9         Northern Plains Regional Pageant (some titles still available)

                          -North Dakota

                          -South Dakota





Jan    4       Mississippi

Jan    4       Tennessee

Jan    4       Louisiana

Feb   8         Florida

Feb 15         Eastern Shore Regional State Pageant




                         -Washington D.C.

Feb  29        Pennsylvania

Mar   8         New Jersey

Mar   8         New York

Mar 14         Ohio

Mar 14         Arkansas

Mar 21         Indiana

Mar 21         Wyoming

Mar 21         Colorado

Feb 1 Southern States Regional State Pageant



                     -North Carolina

                     -South Carolina

Mar 28         Kentucky

Mar 28         Texas

Mar 28         Illinois & Missouri

Apr    4         Kansas

Apr    4         Nebraska

Apr    4         Northeast Coast Regional Pageant




                     -New Hampshire

                     -Rhode Island


Apr  18         West Virginia 

May  2         Northern New York (Rochester)