At the USA National Queen Pageant, State Queens will participate in the Parade of States Modeling Competition.  Contestants should select a costume that best represents their state. Your costume can represent something with your government, famous people who were born there, your state bird, flowers, etc.  It's totally up to you. Costume should fit all wardrobe guidelines as outlined in our Reigning Royalty Regulations.

Props are allowed as long as they are carried on and off the stage by the finalist. The prop can not be set down on the stage at anytime or be another person or live animal.  The prop should not be a huge distraction, but be considered more as an accessory to the outfit.  Props may not be something that could cause a mess on stage such as glitter, confetti, etc. 

Finalists are allowed to show personality in their modeling, but are not permitted to do any splits, high kicks, jumps, gymnastics, tumbling, jumping jacks, or anything that is a learned move or skill.  This is not a glitz pageant and finalists should not throw kisses or do facial motions like "fishy lips" or making heart shapes with their arms/hands, etc.

A stage pattern will be provided by your director or be posted in your handbook.  A finalist will be able to describe their outfit on their emcee form for the pageant so that when it is modeled this discription will help the judges to have a better concept of what you are representing.

Parade of States

Modeling Competition