Ready! Set!  Pose!  The Print Super Model is ONLY offered at the national/international level and is all about helping you learn to model in front of the camera, take direction from the photographer, and showing your personality!

Contestants will model with a photographer on a still, white backdrop for up to 5 minutes. The photographer will instruct contestants to pose for various angles.

Each contestant will receive a digital gallery link or printed photos, depending on what the director has arranged with the photographer, to review the pictures and will receive a release to use those prints however he/she chooses.  Contestants should wear a fun outfit that represents their personality.  Outfits should not show lots of cleavage, be super short or show one's midriff.  No guests are permitted in the photo shoot.

Props are permitted but should be something small that you can use unassisted and carry in and out of the photo shoot. For example, a clutch, a hat, a flower, dance shoes, glasses, and etc. Remember, a prop is meant to ENHANCE or give you something to interact with. Do not make it the focus for your poses.

Entries are limited for this event and time slots for the shoot will be scheduled by the pageant director.  You may only enter this Super Optional only one time. 

Print Model