In the modeling industry, a portfolio is very important to have. For this competition contestants should bring a portfolio with 5 or more photos. Photos should be no larger than 8.5" X 11" and can be black and white, grey scale, or full color. Pictures can be head shots, full body shots, and have props and should show a variety of poses. No pictures should be included in a portfolio with a sash/crown on the model. Using imagination, a contestants should show their personality with their photos and modeling ability! A contestant may submit up to three separate portfolios into this competition, keeping in mind that there is a separate entry fee per portfolio.  We reserve the right to combine age divisions if there are not enough entered in a particular age division. 

Presentation of the Portfolio

A Portfolio must be submitted in a nice book and look professional. (Recommended portfolio is the Itoya Art Portfolio that can be found on Amazon or craft stores.)  It should not look like a scrap book with decorations on it of any kind.  Photos not bound in a book/portfolio will not be accept. Below are examples of pictures and books to help get you started.