Meet the Owners

Pat Miller is the Executive Director of Pure International Pageants. She has served as a pageant judge, contestant, and coach for ten years. She is a motivational speaker, musician, vocalist, and is the owner of Royal Crown Designing. She was named as a Top National Pageant Director by The Pageant Planet, the Prestige Pageantry Awards, and Art & Beauty Magazine's Beauty It's Everywhere Awards, as well as a top three International Director by the American Pageant & Model Magazine Awards. Pure International has received world-wide recognition as one of the best Multi-Level National/International Pageant seven different times, also earning top honors as the best Ms., Mrs., Teen, and Youth Pageants of the Year. She is retired from competing in pageantry after winning three national titles of her own.

Pat is a graduate of the University of Rio Grande with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and an Associates Degree in Applied Business. She and her husband pastor W.O.W. Ministries in southern Ohio. 

Pure International Pageants is owned and operated by The Miller Family.  Pictured left to right: Ashley, Amber, Elizabeth, Doug, and Pat.  Together these four ladies have won 75 local, state, and national  pageant and competition titles.  Everyone in the Miller family coaches, judges, and runs the day to day operations of the pageant system. 

Elizabeth Clary  is the Pure International Pageants Marketing Director, as well as the Pure International Pageants Magazine Editor. She is the mother of four and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Wes, since 2009.  She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Relations, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications, and an Associates degree in Communications.  She creates PURE logo merchandise products and assists in overseeing product production. 

Doug is the Pure International Sound, Lighting, and Effects Director.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University in Agronomy.  He is a motivational speaker, Ordained Minister and Pastor of Wonder of Wonders Ministries Church, and is the father of three beautiful daughters, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Amber.  Together, he and his family have traveled all across the United States singing Gospel music and have had 10 Top 100 charting songs. He is a history buff and enjoys spending time working in his community. 

Amber Miller is a graduate of the University of Rio Grande and has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management and an Associates Degree in Small Business Management. She is the Assistant International Executive Director.  Amber oversees production and awards for our national and international pageants.  She is a musician, and philanthropist.  She has been named among the top Choreographers for organizations like The American Model & Pageanty Awards and the Beauty It's Everywhere Awards.

Ashley Horsley is an award winning emcee and the official Pure International Pageants Emcee for the national and international pageants.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Professional & Business Communications.  She is the mother of three and has been married to her husband, Gary, since 2012.  She volunteers in her community and owns and operations her own pageant consulting and coaching business.  Ashley has been named among the Top 10 Pageant Emcees in the world by The Pageant Planet for the last two years.

Pat is the creator of the #BeTheImpact initiative which was recently recognized by the National Day Archives with an official National Holiday of November 2 every calendar year. She is the owner of Premier Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and EZ Event Rentals. Pat serves on the Board of the International Association of Pageantry, a self-regulating ethics and regulatory body for the pageant industry.