Haiti Prize Packages

National Queens 


$600 Entry Fee paid to the following year's International Pageant

Official  custom crown, valued at $350

Official custom sash, valued at $250

Beautiful custom award

Featured in our National Campaign Advertisements

FREE access to all the next year's national photos

And MORE prizes to come! 


First Runner Up:  Pageant Cash towards 2 super optionals and 1 free guest admission ticket at the following year's national pageant.

Second Runner Up: Pageant Cash towards 1 super optionals and 1 free guest admission ticket at the following year's national pageant.

Third Runner Up: Pageant Cash towards 1 super optional at the following year's national pageant.

The number of runners up in each age division is determined by the number of contestants competing. It is our goal to honor as many contestants with a runner up award as possible but we want to make sure we are fair in making decisions as to how many we will award in each age division.  We never want to leave just one person standing alone on stage and not reward them.

National Queens are required to assist with and attend the next year's National Pageant and to compete in the upcoming International Pageant in Orlando, Florida, USA. Winners will be responsible for their travel and hotel accommodations. Winners must meet their contract obligations for prizes to be awarded. Those not meeting their contractual obligations must forfeit all prizes awarded and forthcoming. No cash value is given in place of any awards.  Prizes are non-transferable. Any payments are non-refundable at any level. 

Prizes are subject to change without notice. Pure International Pageants is not responsible for prizes supplied or forfeited by sponsors.


Contractual obligations include but are not limited to at least 3 Be The Impact community service projects throughout a winner's reign, as well as at least 5 public event appearances. Winners must abide by the moral character and other guidelines presented under the Rules & Regulations section on this website. 

All fees and prizes are quoted at U.S. Currency rates.  Other countries will pay the currency exchange rate for the amounts listed.