From Boys to Men, our young princes grow up to be kings! We

are excited to offer this new program.

Heritage up to three generations back and National titles

to represent your continent or your country are available. 

Areas of Competition:  Self-Introduction (on stage)

                                        National Costume

                                        Formal Wear

Cost:  $399 US for your national crown and sash

           $299 US to compete in the international pageant

The pageant will be a one-day event and contestants are only required to attend the event for that one day.  A dressing room will be provided. If a contestant is at the international pageants and wants to attend any meals, they must purchase meal tickets. Contestants do not need an admission ticket for any other events during pageant week.


Little Mr., 5 & 6 

Jr. Mr., 7 - 9

1Preteen, 10 - 12

Jr. Teen, 13 - 15

To learn more about our Prince Program, ages 0-4, click HERE.


On-Stage Introduction 1/3

National Costume 1/3

Formal Wear 1/3


Official Winners Photo Shoot (right after the pageant)

International Crown

International Sash

Custom logo award

Two-guest admission tickets to the next year's pageant

Free digital pictures to the next year's pageant

Free program book to the next year's pageant

Free digital videos to the next year's pageant

Free meal ticket to the next year's Outgoing Royalty Reception

Wednesday, June 29



A costume should be worn that represents your country.  

On-Stage Introduction

Introduction should be limited to no more than 20 seconds and include a contestant's name, title, and country they are representing and the name of your impact statement.  Contestants will doing their self-introduction in their formal suit just prior to modeling for Formal Wear.

Example:  Helping raise money for dog food for our local animal shelter is my Be The Impact Project. I love to ride my bike and play football and soccer.  Representing the United States, the home of the brave and free, I am Johnny Appleseed, your Pure International Preteen USA.

Formal Wear 

Contestants will model a pants suit for formal wear and wear the same suit for On-Stage Self Introduction.