Pageant Coaching is a very vital need within the pageant industry. Giving a coach the tools he/she needs to coach for a particular pageant or pageant system is something we feel is important to a contestant's success as there are so many styles and techniques that vary from pageant to pageant.

By becoming a Pure Certified Coach you may have a better idea as to what our judges will be looking for in our contestants for preliminary, state, national, and international competitions. As a Pure Certified Coach for our system, you will be offered Certified Coaches Perks in appreciating of the work you do to change and enhance the lives of our contestants. There is no fee associated with becoming a Pure Certified Coach.  Coaches must be at least 18 years of age.  As a coach, you can help a State Director to build her state pageant, as well as bring your own delegation of contestants to the National Pageant.  Please check with the International Office for more information about bring a delegation to the National Pageant.

To become a Pure Certified Coach, please follow these steps.

1.  Click on the Mission tab to read the information about our Mission.  We ask that all coaches support our mission.

2. Click on the Competition Info tab to learn about our Required Competitions, Optional Competitions, Super Optional Competitions, Additional Titles & Competitions, Age Divisions, Scoring, Pure Magazine & Ads, and the Cover Model Program. 

3. Click on the General Info tab on our website and learn about the Contestant Eligibility and The Reigning Rules & Regulations.

4.  Click on the About tab and learn about our International Charity.

5.  Under the Prelim & State Pageant tab, click on the About our Prelims & State Pageants tab to learn about them. 

Once you have completed those tasks, you will be asked to fill out a Pure Certified Coaching Application.  Upon submission of that application, you will be directed to take a Pure Certified Coaching E-Course. Once the e-course is submitted and you've passed (you have to score a 26 out of 30 to pass), and you've been interviewed by our International Director, Pat Miller, you will be officially announced as a Pure Certified Coach and listed on our website. Please note that Pure Certified Coaches must also meet the criteria set forth in a signed agreement and not all coaches are approved based solely on the results of the e-course. Certified Coaches must re-certify every two years. 

Feel free to contact the International Office at 740-709-1612 for more information.

To begin your Pure Certified Coaching journey, fill out the application below.  Upon submission you will be directed to read the Pure Certified Coaches Rules & Regulations and then to take the E-Course.

Certified Coach