2020 International Queens

Prize Package

*Trip to the United Kingdom. Trip includes:

  - Photoshoot while touring London, England

  - Touring the Westminster Abbey

  - Touring Windsor Castle

  - Touring the Tower of London to see all the crown jewels

  - Sight seeing the historic London Bridge

  - Watching the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

  - A special Queen's Photoshoot 

  - Hair & Makeup Services for the Queen's Photoshoot

  -**Hotel accommodations

  - Being the guests of honor at the 2021 United Kingdom Regional National Pageant

  - $200 travel stipend

Official custom sash, $250 value
Official custom crown, $450 value
Hotel accommodations during pageant week. (Winner will share with another queen)
Meal ticket to 2021  International Outgoing Royalty Welcome Reception
Meal ticket to the 2021 International Finalist Queen's Reception

Meal ticket to the2021 Winner's Circle Breakfast
Beautiful custom award
Free admission for up to 2 guests for the following year's International pageant, $190 value
One outgoing royalty ad page in the following's year's program book, $75 value
Featured in our International Campaign Advertisements throughout your reign
FREE Digital Pictures of the next year's International pageant, $250 value
FREE Digital Videos of the next year's International pageant, $250 value
International Royalty T-Shirt for the following year's International pageant
Pageant Winner Photo Shoot, $250 value
Hair & Makeup for International Photo Shoot, $200 value
Invitation to walk in New York Fashion Week 2.0

ELLIE L. ILLUSTRATIONS $50 Gift Certificate

*Winners who do not take the trip will receive a cash award. Age divisions with less than 3 contestants will receive $200.  Age Divisions with 4 or more will receive $300.

**Hotel accommodations are covered when a queen shares with another queen or she may pay the other half of her hotel if she choses to room by herself or with family.

All 2020 International Finalists will receive an invitation to compete in the 2021 International Queen Pageant and $250 off of the 2021 International Finalist Package.

*International Finalists must sign up to compete in the 2021 International Queen Pageant and pay at least $100 on their account by October 10, 2020 to be eligible for the $250 International Finalist Package discount.

Please see the Reigning Rules & Regulation Requirements for prize requirements.

Prizes are subject to change without notice and the final list of prizes that is published on crowning day is what will be awarded. Upon request, a copy of the prizes is kept at the International Office for reference.

Pure International Pageants is not responsible for prizes supplied or forfeited by sponsors and is not required to substitute prizes in place of a sponsor's prize, if the prize is not awarded or does not meet the valued advertised on behalf of the sponsor.

The Sponsorship fee won cannot be applied toward any other credits for the International Pageant.

All trip offers are subject to the health and safety concerns of our winners. If a trip has to be cancelled for health or safety reasons, government restrictions or suggested restrictions, or an act of God or disaster, a cash prize will be awarded in its place. Cash prize will be determined by the number of contestants who competed in a winner's age division the pageant and paid out at the end of a winner's reign if all contractual obligations are met.

Winners not completing their contractual obligations will be required to repay the cost of all prizes awarded to her Director.