2019 International Finalist Schedule

June 29-July 4, 2019


The Florida Hotel Orlando

1500 Sand Lake

Orlando, Florida 32809

Telephone:  (407).859.1500

June 29

  1:00pm            Print Super Model Tot, Little Miss, Preteen

  1:30pm            Print Super Model Young Miss, Teen, Miss

  2:00pm            Print Super Model, Ms., Classy Ms.

  9:00pm            Hair/Makeup Artist Mandatory Meeting (H/MU Artists Only)

June 30             

  8:00am            Registration Tot, Little Miss

  8:30am            Registration Preteen, Young Miss

  9:00am            Registration Teen, Miss

  9:30am            Registration Ms., Classy Ms., Princess

11:00am            Welcome Reception & Orientation Luncheon

  1:00pm            Super Star Optional Talent Competition, Tot, Little Miss, Preteen, Young Miss Contestants

  2:30pm            Super Star Optional Talent Competition, Teen, Miss, Ms., Classy Ms. Contestants

  7:30pm            Welcome Party & Crowning of International Princesses

July 1

  8:00am            Super Star Runway Modeling Competition

  8:45am            Super Star Fitness Competition

  9:30am            Super Star Spokes Model Competition

10:00am            Super Star Actress Competition

  4:00pm            Team Building Activity

  7:30pm            Wacky Tacky Show

July 2

  8:30am            Personal Interview Holding Room Opens   

  9:00am            Personal Interview Tot, Little Miss

  9:30am            Personal Interview Preteen, Young Miss

10:00am            Personal Interview Teen, Miss

10:30am            Personal Interview Ms., Classy Ms.

  2:00pm            Live Show Stage Rehearsal

  6:00pm            Dressing Room Opens 

  7:30pm            International Queen Live Competition

July 3

10:00am            International Contestant Group Photo Shoot

  3:00pm            Crowning & Star-Studded Night Rehearsals

  4:00pm            New Directorship Opportunity Meeting

  6:30pm            Paparazzi

  7:30pm            Star Studded Night (Princesses Model and are introduced)

July 4

  8:00am            International Crowning

10:00am            National Sweetheart Crowning (Mandatory attendance)

12:30pm            National Queen Crowning (Mandatory attendance)

  1:30pm            2019 New Queen Hair/Makeup 

  2:30pm            2019 New Queen Photo Shoot

  5:00pm            2019 New Queen Contract Signing 

  8:00pm            2019 National Sweethearts, National Queens, International Queens, 2018 National &

                           International Outgoing Royalty and their guests Winner's Circle Disco Party

*Events and times may change at any time.  Please use the final schedule given at pageant registration as the correct schedule.  Finalists who want to leave the venue to sight see or visit attractions should do so before or after the pageant is over, not during pageant week.